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Re: Fireball shooting yak

Poster: Joyce Baldwin <jocetta@ibm.net>

Robert J Welenc wrote:
> At 01:12 8/2/97 -0700, Joyce Baldwin wrote:
> >
> >Poster: Joyce Baldwin <jocetta@ibm.net>
> >
> ><snip> >a good friend of mine's claims that there is a mythological
> >beast in celtic
> >> >mythology which had  breath that could slay and shot fireballs out its
> >> >posterior, and in general caused lots of destruction(to the ozone layer).
> ><snip>
> >> there is a heraldic beast known as
> >> the bonacon.  From J. P. Brooke-Little's _An Heraldic Alphabet_:
> >>
> >> Bonacon (also Bonasus)  A bull-like monster but with horns which curl
> >> inwards, a short mane, and a horse's tail.  Its horns being but useless, it
> >> defends itself by shooting its burning excrements at its enemies.  It
> >> appears to have been first granted to Richard Chandelor in 1560 as a crest.
> >>  (Note - the illustration shows only the head of the beast, as even for
> >> Tudor heraldry a flame-throwing bull is a bit much!)
> >>
> >> There are no instances of this beast registered as SCA arms.
> >
> >Maybe not registered but back when I first joined the SCA (it was not
> >quite before dirt but it was still a New Thing then and regarded
> >suspiciously) I was an apprentice herald attending a Brigantia Principal
> >Herald meeting and somebody had submitted it!  There was some question
> >of  sending it back as patently offensive, but it did pass, the
> >concensus being "if he wants to go around having people think of him as
> >a flaming a_____, well..."  I'm not sure if it passed Laurel.
> >
> >Jocetta
> It must not have, since my search through the on-line O & A did not find
> anything.  Just out of curiosity, what year was this, my lady?  I'd like to
> go through the precedents and see if I can locate it and any commentary on it.

Around AS XVI or XV - sometime in '80 or'81 CE in the East Kingdom.  I
think Wladislav Poleski was Brigantia  (that wasn't for very long -
organization was not his thing).  My recollections are understandably
fuzzy but it should be around that time as I wasn't a herald for very
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