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Party- Pennsic Pity Party and Housewarming

Poster: Bryn Watkins <bryn@mindspring.com>

	Greetings unto the Populace of Fair Atlantia-

The people of Windmaster's Hill and whomever else can get here are invited
to a Pennsic Pity Party and Housewarming (or house cooling-off, since we
don't actually have airconditioning).  
	The who- (no, not the band)- Bryn y Pobydd and Chow Noshitome of
Kappellenberg have set up house together.  We haven't had a party yet.
	The place- Our House, in the confines of the town of Carrboro, NC
(Kappellenberg, Windmaster's Hill).  
	The time- Saturday, 9 August, in the evening, about 6 pm or so until
	The what- we have a large front yard, and a huge open empty lot next door
for fighting, both heavy and fencing (this is NOT an official SCA event in
any way shape or form, but it would be nice to have a marshal or two, or
people who will be unofficial marshals.  We have two sewing machines- one
for leather and one non-motorized treadle machine that people are welcome
to use.  We have leather-working equipment and a spinning wheel if you are
inclined to learn to use one.  Or you can just come and hang out and see an
interesting house, a brand-new motorcycle, and other people fighting, me
and maybe one or two other people playing the bagpipes, or whatever.
	The food- We have a grill, so bring what you want to grill.  Bring other
food also, this is potluck.  We will have cups, plates, ice, and baked
goods, such as cupcakes or cookies and fresh bread.  
	The beer- bring your own.  Take it away with you when you leave.  If you
are not capable of driving, we will separate you from your vehicle.  Our
street is watched very closely by the officers of the law, due to its
proximity to the booming metropolis of downtown Carrboro... which brings us
	The directions-  Go to Chapel Hill.  Take either Rosemary or Franklin
streets to Carrboro.  Go past the Kentucky Fried Chicken and 
Sid's Military Surplus and turn right on Lloyd St, just before the green
sign for the Furniture Doctor.  Don't go over the railroad tracks or else
you'll have to turn around.  Go down the hill on Lloyd St. and park in the
doctor's office parking lot on the left.  You will see my device on the
telephone pole near the house. 
(404 Lloyd St. is our official address.  Phone 933-0291).  
Bryn Watkins
Bagpipes- it's only 9 notes, how hard can it be?
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