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Event Flyer - Feast of Herne

Poster: MHWag@aol.com

As harvest-time draws near, the greenwood rings with the revelry of
Come join the Canton of Attillium in Windmasters Hill to celebrate The Feast
of Herne.

October 3-5 

FIGHTING - Was he William the Bastard or William the Conqueror?  Is Robin
Hood a hero or a common thief?  Declare yourself as Norman or Saxon, then
follow your commander chosen by right of arms in the tournament, to lose or
gain the keep and the gold.  Beware the archers' bolts!

For the light fighters, who shall defend the path down which King Richard's
ransom is carried?

ARCHERY - Declare yourself as sheriff's man or merryman, for your skill will
determine who will first carry the gold. 

GENTLE ARTS - Wear your finest Norman or Saxon garb, and display your crafts
in the 11-13th century display.  Perform for those who will hear and pay the
measure of your worth.  Prizes shall be given for the finest garb, the most
pleasing performance, and the archery-related object judged finest.  There
shall also be a poetry contest using early poetic forms. 

CHILDREN - There shall be supervised activities in the morning and afternoon,
to include a woods hunt and various artistic endeavours. 

FOOD & DRINK - A hearty lunch will be provided to all on Saturday.  The
feast, prepared by Lady Crysarra Fayreclothe, will be delightful to the eye,
tasty to the mouth, and heartening to the body, strengthening for the night's

The site is Camp Bowers, with great hall, showers, and plenty of room for
tents & pavilions. This site is very discreetly damp.  Please no original
containers, even in the trash!

Event cost is $12 for feast, and $6 for those who provide their own evening
meal.  Children of 5-12 years are half that cost. Children under 5 are guests
of Attillium. 
Checks payable to the Canton of Attillium, SCA Inc.

Send reservations to:  
Lady Aileen McDonagh, mka Mary Wagner 
6964 Kings Lynn Loop
Fayetteville, NC 28304

For inquiries, Aileen can be contacted at:
(910) 864-1248    or    MHWag@aol.com

>From North or South:  From I-95 take exit 49.  At the top of the ramp, turn
East toward Elizabethtown/White Lake on Hwy 53.  Approximately 6.5 miles from
I-95, Hwy 53 will bear right, stay on Hwy 53.  Approximately 16.5 miles from
I-95, turn right into the Cape Fear Scout Reservation.  There will be SCA
signs - really.  Once in the reservation, bear left, going all the way around
the lake to the troll.

>From West:  As you come into Spring Lake/Fort Bragg, follow Hwy 210 (also
known as Bragg Blvd) through Fayetteville until you cross I-95.  At this
point you are on Hwy 53.  Follow Hwy 53 as above. 

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