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Re: Combat Archery Support and Encouragement

Poster: Linda Huegel <eris@email.unc.edu>

On Sun, 24 Aug 1997, Falcone al Rasool ibn Muhajir wrote:
> igdomeneus(how do you really spell that, Henry?).

um, I'm not henry, but i can spell it for you... 
ignominous ... means you feel like it's wrong and not fair and really
embarrassing all rolled into one

> So, Hoo-freakin'-wah for Flaming Bolt and WHBAC(Wayyyyyyyy Back), and
> all the other archers in the kingdom.  That's from me -- now let's do
> something along these lines kingdom wide.  It is necessary, rightful,
> and honorable to show them their deserved recognition and praise from
> the crowns on down.

thank you, Falcone, for sticking up for archers when it seems a lot of
people would just rather write them off.  i havent done it in many many
moons, but i played in combat archery once long ago, and i enjoyed it


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