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Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@gmu.edu>

Sven asked:

>Am I still living in the dark ages or am I not correct in saying that the
>ONLY way for an e-mail virius to infect your computer is as an attachment
>file that you have to open?  Just email will not give you a virus.

That's correct. PENPAL GREETINGS is just the "Good Times" hoax rewritten.

I've heard it said, and not without some justification, that the "Good
Times" warning is, itself, the actual virus, with no apparent way to clean
it out for good. It doesn't matter how many times one deletes the message,
it eventually comes around again. All it takes is one well-meaning, but
not yet inoculated user to see it and send it out to all his pals,
starting the cycle all over again. There is NO cure.

Actually, I'm kidding. It _IS_ real. Just by putting PENPAL GREETINGS in
the subject header of this message, I have wiped your hard drive and
turned the fleas on your dog into Communist Sympathizers. I only said all
that other stuff to get everyone to leave the message on-screen long
enough for the system to work. Be afraid.


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