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Drunken sailor

Poster: Nancy Davis <nancyad@mindspring.com>

I picked up some other verses for this song from a now lost, but certainly
newer publication that Magnus'.  I have always sung it in the minor mode.

Tie him to the scuppers with a hose pipe on him (3x)
Early in the morning.

Shave his belly with a rusty razor (3x)

Keel haul him until he's sober (3x)

At pennsic 24, our first, my sons(then 10 and 12) and I wrote a parody of
this too.

What ahall we do with the drunks at Pennsic? (3x)
Ear-lye in the morning.

Hoo-ray and up she rises (3x)
Ear-lye in the morning.

What shall we do with a drunken fighter? (3x)

Wrap him up in duct tape 'til he's sober. (3x)

What shall we do with his drunken lordship?

Lock him in the Dear John 'til he's sober.

What shall we do with a drunken merchant?

Close up shop until he's sober.

What shall we do with drunken Tuchux?

Tie them up and stake them out 'til Pennsic's over.

We drop in the refrain every other verse.

Ysolt la Bretonne

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