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Re: Archer workshop

Poster: Steve Riley <flamingbolt@mindspring.com>

At 10:42 AM 8/26/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Believe it or not but I find myself with nothing to do that weekend and
would love to come shoot at ya'll.(snip) Let me know what time to be there
and what to bring (besides all those leather circles : ) I hope to go to
Zack Whites before the weekend so let me know if anyone needs any leather
stuff. Also I need info on where I can order some raw materials for new
combat arrows myself (finally have a little money and I must spend it) I've
just gotten e@mail here at work and am able to check my mail on a regular
basis, so write me back and we'll go from there. Oh! Should I see if I can
get the pig cooker, we can fill it with chicken, sausage, hamburgers,
potatos,corn-on-the-cob, peppers, ribs, steaks, trout, hungry yet. Anyways
let me know. 
>May your shafts be straight, your fletching secure, and your bow as tight
as ...

It is so good to hear from you. I'm so glad you can make it. 
The idea of this workshop is:  people who want arrows can learn to make them
and actually make some.  If they want any themselves they need to bring,
fletching, leather circles (1 1/2"), pennies, strapping tape and fletch
tite.  We will supply the shafts, foam (both types), and cones.
No need for the pig cooker, we haven't had to many RSVPS.:-(
AS for trout... my neighbors pond is full of hungry bass and brim, so if you
want to fish bring crickets.
WE are also shooting IKAC (royal rounds actually) and IKCAC, so bring your
target gear.
IKAC is starting at about 10:00am and classes (if interested) at about 12:00.
It is running both days, Sat. and Sunday.
See you there.
Steafan O'Reilly and Labaoise O Ragaillig
of Elvegast in the Baroney of Windmasters Hill
Raleigh, NC >

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