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First day of the Death from a Distance Event

Poster: Steve Riley <flamingbolt@mindspring.com>

Greetings to all Rosies and Cheapies from Eogan mac Ailpein,

For those that might had miss the announcement, the House of the Flaming
Bolt and the Windmasters' Hill Baronial Archery Corps (WHBAC)(pronouced
"way-back") are hosting a 2 day "Death from a Distance" archery event in
Anger, NC.  Since today is the second day, it is not too late to come over
and shoot sticks.  

We are running IKAC, IKCAC, and Royal Rounds all day today.  

Furthermore, the WH Baronial Scriptorium is meeting in the same location,
tonight at 18:00.

For directions call, Stephan or Labaoise at 919-639-0120 for directions.

And oh BTW, based on the IKCAC scores, the enemies of the Crown should be
very afaid.

Until me meet again, go in peace

Eogan mac Ailpein, archer
Brought to you by Stephan O'Reilly's account

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