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Re: Need some minor help

Poster: Nancy Davis <nancyad@mindspring.com>

At 03:36 PM 9/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Poster: JGNL00A@prodigy.com (MS KRYS J SMITH)
>I have been trying to get in touch with a local seneschal about SCA 
>Also, I need some help with making a favor...


You failed to indicate your geographic location, so it is impossible to help
you with your seneschal request. Please post again.

But I can help with favors. A favor is any token of (usually) a lady's
love/esteem that is worn by her favored one. I know an archer who wears a
knotted cord or leather thong that his wife gave him. I know a rapier
fighter who sometimes wears pinned to his shoulder an ornate knitted glove
from his wife. A handkerchief would be acceptable. In period, in any
personal item from her person, not necessarily specifically a favor.

In the SCA, most often we see a fabric strip embroidered in some way,
perhaps with the lady's device or initials. Any decorative design is fine. I
have seen painted favors from the Queen at Pennsic. I helped make Bera's
this year. 

Size is variable 2+ inches wide with enough length to secure it in a belt or
tie it around an arm or the forehead.

I have seen all sorts of counted thread embroidery- cross-stitch, blackwork,
needlepoint. Also regular embroidery. There is really no standard favor.
Just anything from your hand. 

Now you need to think about what you are promising with this favor ;-)

Good luck,
Ysolt la Bretonne

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