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Re: One day Universities

Poster: viking@groupz.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen;Maria Munitz)

>How about having a University at a site that includes lodging so that we
>don't have to fork over $92 bucks plus gas & meals for the two (or even 4)
>of us to attend an event that doesn't even have a court or revel?  I can
>take a 6-session stained glass class here at the Adult Extension Service for
>less than half that, and that includes the materials fee! ----Eadwyn

That's why most groups will offer crash space if at all possible.  It's
also a good idea to develop friendships All over the kingdom, that way we
can help each other out.  
  I do like your idea, though.  It would mean that a lot more classes could
be taken and/or given, and cooking classes could be taught in a kitchen,
plus a few classes on Friday evening and Sunday.  On the down-side, the
site would have to charge you as much as any other type of event instead of
the bare minimum that they do now.  And you need to find a campsite that
has a lot of "classrooms".  But then again we have a site down here that
may accomodate your idea.  I imagine there are others all around the
kingdom.  Look around and put in a bid for the next one.
Your servant,
Lady G

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