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Re: One day Universities

Poster: Thomas Hudson <hudson@cs.unc.edu>

> >How about having a University at a site that includes lodging so that we
> >don't have to fork over $92 bucks plus gas & meals for the two (or even 4)
> >of us to attend an event that doesn't even have a court or revel?  I can
> >take a 6-session stained glass class here at the Adult Extension Service for
> >less than half that, and that includes the materials fee! ----Eadwyn

Hmm, last time there was a University here in Kberg we had a dessert & dance
revel afterwards, and every time we have one in North Carolina it seems we
have for something of the sort - I think Drachentor's had space for both
dancing and bardics.  KA&S (I know, it isn't University, but I think it was
every bit as cool as one) had a dance afterwards.  Certainly the first and
third of those had public postrevels at peoples' homes.

Does the rest of the kingdom just not know how to party?

<big grin>

And, seriously, as another poster said, there is ALWAYS crash space.
That was a lynchpin of our last University bid, and will be prominently
featured in our next (when that glorious day comes).

Giovan Falconieri, dance fiend and musician who is going to hate to miss
the revel after Coronation

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