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Re: another heraldic quandary

Poster: Jim Trigg  <jtrigg@hoflink.com>

On Thu, 04 Sep 1997 at 15:12 -0400 (EDT), Ed Hopkins <Ed.Hopkins@MCI.Com> wrote about "Re: 
another heraldic quandary":

> L. Isabel d'Avignon wondered aloud:
> > How is a statant spider different from a passant spider?
> > And is there really such a thing as an 8 legged creature being 
> > passant-combatant?

> I think you _need_ eight legs to do combattant.

Actually, you need two creatures to do combattant.  To do passant-combattant, you need two 
creatures, each of which has eight legs.  The front four are rampant and the rear four are 
passant, with the creatures facing each other.

Just a Thought,
Jim Trigg, Lord High Everything Else (RL/DNRC) O-
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