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Re: University

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

> Evan writes
> > Let's see: Lochmere, Drachentor, Ponte Alto, Kapellenberg, Rencester,
> >Isenfir, Stierbach, Misty Marsh. That's 3.5 in the north, 3.5 in the
> >central, and 1 in the south. (Isenfir is the half-n-half.) 
> Sweetie, Lochmere was session #43 and Drachentor was session # 41.

Typo on the site, perhaps? Session 43 is the one coming up in November.
Lochmere was session 42.

> I made no conclusion that the Northern region was half of the Kingdom
> geographically.  I had been told that the northern region was comprised of
> Maryland and Virginia, the central region is North Carolina and the
> southern is South Carolina and Georgia.

Whoever told you that was not in touch with either historical practice
(back when Atlantia had a formal regional rotation for big events) or with
the "generally accepted state of things" as gleaned from Merry Rose
conversations over the past few years. The northern region ends in the
southern reaches of Stierbach; the central region covers the old Stonewall
Confederacy (again, Isenfir is sort of in between), Windmasters', the
northern parts of Old Sacred Stone, Black Diamond and Crannog Mor. All
else is South.

> The combined sq. mileage of MD & VA is 49,538.  North Carolina is 52,712
> sq. miles.  Geographically speaking, Virginia groups are in the north.
> North Carolina is a Huge state and a region all to its own.

And South Carolina, a relatively tiny state, is also a region all to its
own? I don't think so. When we were at University in Drachentor we checked
out a map of the Eastern Seaboard and discovered (to our amused surprise)
that we were, right then, as close to the geographic center of the kingdom
as we were likely to get. That's in (extreme southern) Virginia, folks.

> Yes, Coronation and Crown are in the lower part of North Carolina.  But
> historically this is an anomaly.

How many Big Kingdom Events have been at King's Mountain in the last 5
years? It's much less anomalous than you think. Nevertheless the northern
*HALF* (not third) of the realm does get more BKE's than the southern
half, for whatever reason.

* * *

I know quite a few gentles from my area who are going to Coronation (a
long drive, as much as 9 hours depending on just how fast you go). This
kingdom *does* have a lot of heart.

I'd love to be at both Crown and University. But that long a trip is
something I just can't do 2 weeks in a row. So I'll be at one of them
(not sure which yet).


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