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Re: University

Poster: viking@groupz.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen;Maria Munitz)

>Lady G writes:
>> Principality??  In a kingdom this small?  Think of poor Atenveldt when it
>> stretched from Arizona to Montana.  It takes 7 hours to speed from around
>> Tuscon to Flagstaff.  And that's just part of ONE state.
>Your example is poorly chosen.  That was a long time ago; the Kingdom of
>Atenveldt now consists of nothing but Arizona.  It just finished splitting
>off its most recent principality and is now just a single state.  In other
>words, Atenveldt has now made itself smaller than Atlantia.

No, I did not choose my example poorly.  I said ,"Think of poor Atenveldt
WHEN it stretched from Arizona to Montana.  WHEN.  I know because I lived
there. Been there, done that.  Nobody bothered to make T-shirts. ( My
quandry now is what is the status of my principality level A&S award, the
Esprit de Soleil?  Is it a Kingdom level award now, comparable to a Pearl
in this kingdom, or is it still more like a Mini Pearl? )
>You're also simplifying a complex issue into a single factor, geographical
The thread was ONLY talking about University. Other events, where or when
is a non-issue here.  If you had read what I had written, you would have
noticed that I said that it was reasonable that most of the University
sessions were in the north due to population concerns.  
>What does that mean?  That means that I, an active peer with multiple
>interests, am missing 80% or more of the events held in the Kingdom of
>Atlantia. And the events I go to are more likely to be close to me, with a
>few exceptions like University (where I am always there) and Very
>Interesting Events (like the Seven Deadly Sins event two years ago). 
>I remember when I went to nearly half the events in Atlantia.
>Am I less active?  Nope.  I happen to have a record of every event I've
>been to since 1984. I've gone to 18 events every single year I've been in
>the SCA (plus or minus 1 on a given year.  The only exception was the year
>I was on the throne, when I went to many more events).
>But there are more events, and more groups, now.  More events is a good
>thing.  But growth has a price, and the price is that the kingdom gets
>bigger, and people know other people less, and it only gets worse.

Like I said, this thread did not deal with other events, only university.  
And I agree that many events is a good thing.  MY POINT WAS that nobody
should be whining about where a kingdom event is, it will come back around
to one's area in time.  When my lord Sven wrote that reply to the original
query it was only meant to mean-lighten up, it's just our turn now.
>Principalities is not a dirty word.  A principality is a reasonable
>solution to the downside of the growth of the SCA and the kingdom.  It
>isn't a question of _whether_ we should have principalities.  It is a
>question of _when_.

>Dafydd ap Gwystl, who loves Atlantia

Lighten up, the pricipality thing was a joke.  Meaning that the distance
thing is not at all as bad as many seem to think it is.  Just put it in
perspective to other places.  And I love Atlantia too.  I love it because
I've lived in Meridies, Drachenwald, Atenveldt, and the East and I know
this is the best kingdom yet.  But wouldn't the division into a
principality eventually mean the break-up of Atlantia into 2 separate
kingdoms?  Hasn't this been the usual progression of events?

Evan writes

> Let's see: Lochmere, Drachentor, Ponte Alto, Kapellenberg, Rencester,
>Isenfir, Stierbach, Misty Marsh. That's 3.5 in the north, 3.5 in the
>central, and 1 in the south. (Isenfir is the half-n-half.) 

Sweetie, Lochmere was session #43 and Drachentor was session # 41.  There
was another in between.  I think it was in Caer Mear, but I'm not sure
exactly.  It hasn't been listed in the University attendence web site yet. 
That's Maryland-1 Virginia- 6 North Carolina-1  South Carolina(Ga)-1;
that's still unbalanced. For Maryland too.  But I repeat, for population
concerns the majority of UAs should be up there.

>Your conclusion is flawed by the assumption that the Northern Region is
>geographically half of the kingdom, including all of Virginia.
I made no conclusion that the Northern region was half of the Kingdom
geographically.  I had been told that the northern region was comprised of
Maryland and Virginia, the central region is North Carolina and the
southern is South Carolina and Georgia.  The combined sq. mileage of MD &
VA is 49,538.  North Carolina is 52,712 sq. miles.  Geographically
speaking, Virginia groups are in the north.  North Carolina is a Huge state
and a region all to its own.

>Coronation in Sacred Stone, Crown in Seareach. There you go. You're far
>closer to both of those than I am, and I don't even come close to living
>near the north edge. I note that most big events *do* take place in the
>actual central part of the kingdom -- Windmasters'/Caer Mear at the heart
>of that area -- more often than in any other area.

Yes, Coronation and Crown are in the lower part of North Carolina.  But
historically this is an anomaly.  Historically, you've been closer to these
events than I have.  And I agree that Windmaster's Hill is definitely part
of the heart of the kingdom.  But I have trouble seeing Caer Mear being in
the heart geographically; culturally and population wise, yes, but not
geographically.   Unless, of course, you are saying that Atlantia has a
HUGE heart, and to that I will raise my mug and resoundly agree. Vivat!

Lady Geeeez  
I slump exhausted into the corner with Lord Christopharus and Eadwyn, to
toast their health and to promise them crash space if they ever venture
down this way.

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