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Re[2]: "Born on the List Field" help

Poster: "David H Ritterskamp"<dhritter@duke-energy.com>

     AFAIK, I haven't heard of anybody having a problem with it being
     recorded on tape.  But there are so many differing versions of what is
     "the truth" on this one, I could easily be hallucinating.


     Ld. Jonathan Blackbow

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Subject: Re: "Born on the List Field" help
Author:  jocetta@ibm.net at DUKEPOWER
Date:    9/4/97 8:17 AM

>l.. I am looking for a song called Born on the Tourney
>>  field.
>[Close.  It's called "Born on the List Field."]
>>  I was told it could only be taught by word of mouth...
What is the tradition on taped versions? I've gotten the impression that
that is also a no-no.  If it is - what's the position on someone who learns
_real_ fast and is willing to spring for a long distance phone call <g>?
Just got to wondering...
Lady Jocetta Thrushleigh
(who got poor Mistress Fevronia to sing "Ranger Arvid" to her multiple
times at a Darkovercon far too many years ago when she was known as

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