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Re: The passing on of "Born on the List Field"

Poster: Randy Dees <rrd@amherst.com>

> >[Close.  It's called "Born on the List Field."]
> >>  I was told it could only be taught by word of mouth... 
> What is the tradition on taped versions? I've gotten the impression that
> that is also a no-no.  If it is - what's the position on someone who learns
> _real_ fast and is willing to spring for a long distance phone call <g>?
> Just got to wondering...
> Jocetta

I have recently heard from someone who knew Master Ivar Battleskald well-
probably still does, as my facts are often suspect when it comes to people...

When he first learned of a taped version of the song, he was livid.  He really
does intend it to be passed on by oral tradition only - in the strictest sense.

I do not know what his opinion of telephone would be.  If you are in Atlantia,
it was not hard at all 4 years ago to find someone who could sing it - I would 
imagine any of the MSOB's could point you at someone who knows it.

My understanding was that the posting came from the King of Ansteorra, which I
also believe to be the home of Master Battleskald.  I have replied privately to 
the original poster with this information.

All of this is the result of _my_ looking for the name of the original author and 
trying to determine his wishes, as well as what I should do with the 3 tapes I 
have with the song on them - I simply do not pass them on anymore.

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