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Catalog of some interest

Poster: dhritter@duke-energy.com (David H Ritterskamp)

     Normally I don't pass on information on mundane catalogs and the like,
     partially because they so seldom have anything of interest, and 
     partially because it seems most everybody knows about them.
     I happened to pick up a catalog for Mass Army Navy and spotted a
     GAWGEOUS leather vest with wool liner, 4 brass buttons, and to my
     untutored eye it looked pretty darn good.  So I ordered it.  I also 
     ordered a set of canvas gaiters, which are essentially sleeves for 
     your boots and pants to keep dust and the like from getting into your 
     feet/legs.  The leather vest was all of $60 and is tough enough that 
     (minus the buttons) I could see using it for armor.  It's a Belgian 
     Army vest, comes in two sizes, and it's been sitting in a warehouse 
     since 1952.  It LOOKS GOOD.  I plan to wear it over a long-sleeved 
     tunic for winter.  The gaiters I plan to dye black and put on top of a 
     pair of cleats for fighting (better traction, but cleats look horrible 
     by themselves).
     The order arrived today (two-three days after order, express mail was 
     a whole $5 extra vs. regular mail which was 5-10 working days) and the 
     vest looks great.  It actually hangs below my waist (which is pretty 
     darn impressive with my height) and smells terrific.
     They also have quite a few pouches and the like made from quality 
     leather to military specifications, including a Swiss ammo pouch that 
     would probably work quite well, either as a belt or slightly altered 
     for a bandoleer, a (Swiss?) medical bag that allows quick access to 
     stuff, and several other various leather pouch/bag type things that 
     don't cost much and are tough as nails.  They have a crushproof 
     (leather? I think) bag that would do well for hiding things like 
     camcorders and such, and their prices are pretty darn low.  The 
     bags/pouches have either normal-looking buckles, or just catches of 
     some sort, so even _that_ doesn't look too out of place.
     If anybody wants to order a catalog, feel free to call them at 
     If anybody wants to see the vest, just catch me at events this winter.
     Tell them David Ritterskamp referred you - maybe they give out 
     Frequent Flyer mileage or something...;>
     Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
     Clan O'Shannon
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