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Only Four Weeks Left...

Poster: "Robin A Jensen" <griffaud@hearts.tez.net>

....If both Kings are intrepid and bold, without fail we'll see soon fields
with wreckage and quatered corpses, with saddle-trees and brackmarts,
helms and escutcheons,
everywhere corpses split through like kindling
from the head to the fly,
and destriers on every side running at random,
and many long lances stuck through broadsides and chests,
witnesses of great joy and tears, great distree and wild glee,
great will the hurt be, but the gain greater!

Horns, drums, standards, pennons and oriflammes, 
horses black and white
that's what we'll see soon!
And it'll be good living then
Liberating what the usurer owns.
By God there won't be one safe packhorse on the roads...!
- Bertrand de Born, 12 c

Angevin Fall Hunt Fact:
After Dark, we shall retire to Blow the Hunter's Horn, again, and again,
and again...(liken to Olifont), and recieve libations of the most
delightful kind(!) from our Host, Byton Tremayne, (phtootee !!!!).

Angevin Trivia:
"Look to yourself, the Devil is loose!", was said by,
A. Duke Leopold to Emperor Frederick
B. Saladin to Richard
C. Phillip to John
D. Becket to William Marshall
E. Cuan to Corby

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