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Re: University

Poster: viking@groupz.net (Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen;Maria Munitz)

>>Typo on the site, perhaps? Session 43 is the one coming up in November.
>>Lochmere was session 42.
>Yes,I went back and reviewed my notes. I was mistaken on the univerity
>numbers.  Another mistake I made was when I originallly pulled up the MD-1,
>VA-6(now 5) my intention was to assure the original querent to not worry,
>university would be in his backyard soon, statistics favored him.  I just got
>overwhelmed by the imbalance and dwelled on that instead of the original
>  Again I must disagree with you on Geographical divisions.  South Carolina is
>not a Tiny state.  It's sq. milage is 30,207, not counting the Ga. side and
>all the outside Ga counties that follow this kingdom.  Virginia is 39,700. 
>Not that much difference.  The next time you watch the Weather channel, look
>at the national map and you will see how the kingdom naturally divides on
>those lines, geographically.  Nobody said that the regions had to be perfectly
>equal in sq. milage, but it's closer than you think.  OK, you could probably
>add that NC wedge from Charlotte to Wilmington if you like, but that only
>makes the 3 regions even more equal.  Now if you are speaking about population
>density, and were dividing the kingdom into equilaterally consistent
>populations, I can see your point and would agree.  
>   There have been big events at King's MT. over the last couple of years, but
>a big event is not necssarily a kingdom event.  It has been improving.  It has
>been getting that way recently.  But again understand my point:  just like I
>said about university, it makes sense because of population distribution to
>have most  BK events accessible to the northern population.  I just think that
>having most of these events in a central location such as Windmaster's Hill
>makes these events accessible to both the far northern and far southern
>populations.  I'm only suggesting that members from all over the kingdom have
>a chance to come and mingle with each other, and not for regional dominance.
>Now, can we stop beating this poor old horse?
>  Glad to hear of you coming down.  I hope you find this part of the kingdom
>as warm and generous as I have found it to be.  I hope to be at crown and am
>locked into University (doing my part for kingdom and region).  Would like to
>meet you.  Being a strong believer in the Socratic method of teaching, I love
>an animated discussion; I don't care if you agree with me, just as long as the
>thoughts are flowing and the dendrites growing.
>  Anyway, I'm about to cause you another headache.  Wait til you hear the
>heraldry (protocol) question I'm going to pose.  Later.
>Respectfully yours,
>Your servant,
>Lady G

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