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Re: Plastic armor

Poster: MarsaliFox@aol.com

Unto the merry gentles of the Rose

I've had some calls and questions in the last few days about the event I am
autocrating - so here're some answers:

1:  Yes, there are children's activities.
2:  There will be some loaner bows and arrows at the site, so you may come to
try something new.
3:  Feast seating and children's activities will be under ample canvas in
case (forbid!) of inclement weather.
4:  There will be prizes for each competition, so even if you are not the
"best" archer at Royal Rounds, you may still win a novelty shoot and take
home a wonderful prize (arrows, quiver, armguards, and the like)
5:  You do not need to shoot in every event to win something.
6:  Rapier/combat archery scenarios will include use of the scaffold
(attack/defend our mock "tower".)
7:  Yes, I am making a sterling silver ring for each bard who contracts to
entertain at feast.  I can still use one or two more bards.  If you are
interested - please contact me in advance so I have time to make yours.

We of Highland Foorde Shire look forward to seeing you!


Following is the schedule and event announcement.

The schedule is as follows:

October 3 - 4 p.m.	Site opens
October 4-8 a.m.	Archery begins
               10 a.m.	Rapier & combat archery begins
         after lunch	Children's activities begin
                   6:30 p.m.	Feast & awards
October 5 noon	site closes

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.	Rapier area & scaffold area

Children's activities	after lunch at tents in feast area

8-10 a.m.	Inspection - archery pavilion
9-10 a.m.	Practice - royal round range
10a.m. - 4 p.m.	Royal Rounds - royal round range
10a.m. - 4 p.m.	Roving Range - roving range
	Begins hourly - plan 1/2 hour to complete range
10a.m. - 11 a.m.	Scaffold Shoot - scaffold area
11 a.m. - noon	Exploding Targets - novelty range
noon - 1 p.m.	Moving Targets - novelty range
1 p.m. - 2 p.m.	Exploding Targets - novelty range
2 p.m. - 3 p.m.	Moving Targets - novelty range
3 p.m. - 4 p.m.	Scaffold Shoot - scaffold area
4 p.m. - 6 p.m.	Final Shoot-off

Hunt & Feast in Honor of Saint Sebastian
Shire of Highland Foorde 

The crash of deer precede the brassy call of the horns and the sounds of the
beaters moving through the faire woods of this Shire.  All who gather to
watch the hunt will bear witness to the strength of arms and keenness of
sight of the fair men and maids who meet to test their skill at bow on
October 4, A.S. XXXII (1997 c.e.).  The Shire of Highland Foorde invites all
target and combat archers, as well as all rapier fighters to test their
skills against friend and foe alike in a full day of archery and rapier

There will be royal rounds available throughout the day to test traditional
archery skills.  You may shoot more than once, as the highest score will be
used.  To challenge your accuracy, there will be shooting from a tower and a
unique slit shoot.  We also have a moving target shoot to test your patience,
as well as your arms and eye.  Each of these shoots will take place twice
throughout the day, so there will be ample opportunity for you to get scored
in every scenario. A roving range based on a hunt will keep you on the run as
you (fictitiously) go in search of our feast's main course!!  At the
conclusion of the day, a shoot-off will take place to determine the overall
victor.  Many glorious prizes will be distributed at the end of the day to
honor those who placed highly in each shoot.

To further test your skills, there will be combat archery with our rapier
fighters.  Our Rapier Marshall and his assistants will be available to
explain and teach combat archery/rapier theory and how it works.  He will be
setting up a variety of scenarios challenging for both archers and rapier

The "catch of the hunt" will be prepared under the guidance of Baron Silver
by the Highland Foorde Cooking Guild.  The feast will consist of smoked and
roasted game and fowl served with a variety of roasted vegetables and
followed by a sumptuous dessert.  Feast spaces are limited, advance
reservations are highly recommended.  Bards who wish to perform works at
feast telling the story of St. Sebastian or works with archery as a central
theme are asked to contact the autocrat.

The site is Hager House in Hagerstown, MD.  The site opens 4 p.m. October 3
and closes noon October 5.  The site is discreetly wet after sundown and
absolutely NO PETS.  Directions: From the East and West, take I-70 to I-81
North.  From the North and South, take I-81 to exit #5, Halfway Blvd. (first
exit North of I-70).  Go east past the Valley Mall (on right).  At the 3rd
traffic light past the mall, turn left onto Virginia Ave., (US 11N).
 Continue straight through 2 traffic lights (US 11 turns left; do not turn
with it), past the city park on the left.  You will come to a stop sign at a
traffic circle.  Go around the traffic circle 270 degrees, and enter the
park.  Go straight.  The Hager House is on the right, across from the
railroad tracks and parking is on the left.

Cost for this event is $7.00 until September 15 for site and feast, $9.00
thereafter and at the gate.  $5.00 for children 10 and under.  $2.00 at gate
for day trip without feast.  For reservations, please send the society
name(s) and mundance name(s), (and note if any are children) along with your
check made out to:  Shire of Highland Foorde/SCA, Inc. to:  Magdalena Zaba,
(Marj Burger) 6402 Quinn Rd, Frederick, MD  21701
Autocrat:  Lady Marsali Fox, (L.J. Smole), 6402 Quinn Rd., Frederick, MD
 21701, 301-694-0421, MarsaliFox@aol.com
Archery Marshall:  Lord Lorenzo il Confuso, (Andre Detommaso), 19108 Valley
Overlook Court, Knoxville, MD 21758, 301-834-8242, lorenzo@intelsat.int
Rapier Marshall: Lord Gregoire de Conteville, (Greg Glewwe), 1808 Noblewood
Frederick, 21702  (301) 698-1269, glewweg@erols.com

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