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Re: Whats wrong with the SCA?

Poster: DariusUird@aol.com

     This is exactly the kind of response I would expect from the likes of
I have suffered that kind of reaction since the beginning. You know nothing
of my personal life, and you know nothing about either my lady wife or myself
except for the lies that are spread and believed because they come from such
an "honorable" personage as "Valdemar".
     When I confronted Gary about his attempts to seduce my wife, he was very
quick to tell me that it was'nt him doing the seducing, but instead I had
more to worry about from you and Wookie. You can see how serious I took what
he told me from the fact that I never confronted either you or Wookie.
   I   have nothing but the utmost respect for you, and am saddened that you
take it upon yourself to judge and chastize me for my pain. I have never done
anything but support my lady in her endevors to be of service to the SCA. I
myself have tried to be of service but have been cast out and looked down
upon because of false rumors and lies. I love what the SCA stands for and
would like to be a part of it, but I have recieved no help, no interest and
      I have in the past suffered from clinical depression, something I am
finally coming to terms with. But my depression was not helped by the fact
that I have been lied too and betrayed by my "friends" in the SCA.
     On numerous occasions I have put myself out to help other scadians find
I put my own job on the line to help. My reward for this was to find myself
out of a job,replaced by the scadians I got hired to work with me (twice in
the triangle area).
    While working with Kane as a millwright in asheville I was made a foreman
in charge of hiring my own crew. I hired scadians from the asheville area! My
reward for this generousity? They wouldnt work! All they would do is talk
SCA! I took the fall for that! But people like you are not interested in the
facts of the matter! All you want to do is condemn those of us who get hurt
by the callous abusiveness of those who are "of use" to the SCA.
     It doesnt matter that my wife became so obsessed that she wouldnt have
anything to do with her family because she had "responsibilities" to the SCA.
It doesnt matter that Valdemar abused his popularity and position to fill my
wifes head with lies and fantasies to the point of destroying my marriage and
my life! All that matters to you and people like you is that I am someone who
has been kicked around and shoved out to the point that I am an easy target
for abuse.
   So go ahead! Abuse me and my name all you want! You can convince a few
people that its all my fault, that Valdemar is as pure as the driven snow
(Ive listened to his lies and watched his manipulations for years, he's damn
good at it) On a number of occasions ,while quite drunk, Valdemar has
admitted to me the extreme pleasure he achieves from manipulating people and
making them do what HE wants, while making them think it was thier own idea.
So what if a few peoples lives are destroyed along the way, if its in the
name of "the dream"( after all, if we get hurt its our own fault right?)!
       Falcone, I am most saddened at your cruel response, you are one of the
people I respected most. I have a serious problem as a direct result of the
SCA. I dont blame the whole of the SCA for my problems, I have merely
suffered at the hands of a few self centered and cruel people. I am sorry if
this offends you, but I really think you should walk a mile in my shoes
before being so quick to judge me. I hold the idea and the ideals of the SCA
in the highest esteem. I am simply saddened that I have been forced to
witness the less savory aspects so often.
                            In the greatest of sorrow,
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