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Only Three Weeks Left ...

Poster: Bryce de Byram <kymber@mindspring.com>

"Now a good war makes a niggardly lord
turn lavish and shell out handsomely.
So naturally it pleases me to see the war-set pomp of the two kings,
for they’ll need stakes, pikes, ball and bowstring,
the tents rising, the sleeping outside, we’ll find them by the hundreds,
the thousands!
Long after us the exploits shall be sung.
I, haven’t I taken blows upon my shield, 
and dyed red the white of my gonfalon?"
-Bertran de Born-12 c

Angevin Fall Hunt Fact:
In addition to the A&S competitions, S.W.A.T. (Spun, Warped, & twisted)
will host a 12 c fiber arts open display, in the Hall. All are welcome and
works in progress are encouraged. Also, S.W.A.T. will be hosting a 12 c
garb accessory competition, with the prize being, a custom made set of 12 c

Angevin Trivia:
12c leader of the Muslim world:
A.  Saladin
B.  Muhamide Ali
C.  Herod
D.  Raba-a-Zafar

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