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Re: What's wrong with the SCA?

Poster: Jjane0117@aol.com

I know the following:

    I  do know and like Falcone.
    I do not know Darius.
    Due to the vagaries of either AOL or the list itself, I have not seen
Darius' original posting.
    Reading Falcone's response to whatever it was shocked me, and Darius'
response to it, made my stomach hurt.

I have only the vaguest idea what allegations were made in the original
posting, but given Falcone's extreme reaction to whatever-it-was, along with
the vituperative nature of Darius' rebuttal, I assume it was

I suppose the rest of what I know is debatable, but I am certain of this: if
these sorts of posts are to be tolerated by this list, I have no interest in
continuing to be a part of it!  I abhor censorship.  However, I am an adult,
conscious of both other people's tolerance for bitching and the laws
regarding libel.  I expect there to be at least an attempt by the others on
this list to show regard to the same.

Elspeth of Caer Mear	
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