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Re: Whats wrong with the SCA?

Poster: DariusUird@aol.com

      If you had read the entire post you would have seen that I DO NOT blame
or condemn the whole of the SCA! Nor do I claim that all of my problems stem
from it!!    I only condemn those few people who have abused the SCA and
thier positions within for thier own selfish goals leaving those of us who
get hurt by them to pick up the pieces. I love and admire "The Dream"!!
     However I feel that others should know when someone is being abusive and
hurtful in the hopes that such behavior may be curbed in the future so that
the Dream may live and grow and not be turned into someone elses nightmare!
    I may regret having written what I did, but every word was true. Yeah, I
opened myself up to criticism and anger and condemnation, but if my words
have SOME effect in preventing others from being used and abused, if my
personal flogging can keep someone elses life from being shattered by the
likes of "Lord" Valdemar, then it will have been worth it.I can take
it.(after all Ive already suffered worse).
                                       Hopefully in service to a kinder and
gentler dream,
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