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re:what's wrong with the merry rose

Poster: robbi008@mc.duke.edu

     I am afraid that I must disagree with this.  Any gentle with this much 
     bitterness and anger to vent should be venting it with a counselor or 
     (depending on circumstances) with the people directly involved.  A 
     public mailing list where 90+ percent of the people reading posts are 
     uninvolved with the situation is not an appropriate venue.  
     I will say that I have been impressed with the lack of direct response 
     to the original post.  It is truly not possible to respond reasonably 
     to such venom, and any attempts will only drag things out.  Courtesy 
     and honor would demand that people make judicious use of the delete 
     key.  I wouldn't want people dragging my dirty laundry all over a 
     public place!
     Anyway, I guess it's time to get off my high horse.  Have a great 
     weekend folks!  
     Eilis na Ballina
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