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Re: [Northshield]: Sad Tidings

Poster: Baronlewys@aol.com

In a message dated 9/13/97 1:04:27 AM, you wrote:

>William Blackfox, artist of the comic strip
>Warthaven, passed away this afternoon.

Let the dogs be silenced, the bells not toll.  Shun common commerce, speak no
ill nor shout gaily, weigh all that you have said and done against the visit
from eternity thus proclaimed.  There are many nobler, many of higher rank,
more perfect in their humanity.  And yet few saw into our hearts more keenly,
brought us laughter, reflection, controversy with kinder hand wielding his
mighty pen.  Many an ego he pierced or slew an' they had the wit to know it.
 Joy he hath brought me, with tears rolling down my merry face.  There then
is the world he made brighter by his presence now an imperceptible shade
darker, that much less mirth now among us rings.  And now rings laughter in
Heaven and Valhalla, made brighter and more joyous by his joining those who
precede us there.

William, I WILL miss you.

Baron Serjant Lord Captain Lewis Michael Patrick Blackmore APFs COW COSO CRC
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