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Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@poboxes.com>

Yesterday, at the end of an event, some friends gave me a kazoo as a
"token of their esteem". I had never had a kazoo before and needed
instructions;  but I quickly got the hang of it. 

WOW! What fun! Once I figured it out, I was belting out Scotland the Brave
and several other ditties. Have you ever heard Toccata and Fugue in D
Minor on a kazoo? The William Tell Overture? The stragglers at this event
did, and they were afraid. I think The Flight of the Bumblebee is a
natural; but I couldn't quite manage it. I'll get it eventually tho.

(Those of you who know me realize it was clever of them to give me the
kazoo at the END of the event rather than DURING. A kazoo is clearly one
of those things where you must caution the recipient, "Remember: Only use 
this power for Good.")

Anyway, my question is this: is there anything kazoo-like that is period?
What is there in the way of stupid instruments that are relatively easy to

-Henry (Look out! He's got a kazoo!) Best

       John Strauss             |    Dr. Henry Best, OP       
       Lexington, KY            |    Dragonsmark, Midrealm      
       jstrauss@poboxes.com     |    "Jugate Potentum Gaudii"

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