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Re: Crown Tournament Event Announcement

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Sven wrote:
> I had thought for a moment there that this would be the first Crown
> Tournament that was fought with long range archers!!

Now *there's* and interesting idea for Crown Tourney. But Sven, the term
"long range archers" is a bit redundant.

And now, for all the archers in the kingdom, and Master Robbyan who, upon
hearing this remarked it was the first filk song he actually wanted to
learn (thanks Robbyan, I'm touched.....also flattered). This little ditty
is sung to the tune of Non Nobis (the one from Branagh's film Henry the V).

The Archer Song
written shamelessly by Corun MacAnndra
(to the tune of Non Nobis)

I am glad that I am an archer
I am glad I shoot a bow
I shoot the French knights
I shoot the French knights
>From a really long way away

I shot French knights at Agincourt
I shot French knights at Crecy
I shot the French knights
I shot the French knights
Also at Poitiers
>From a really long way awaaaayyyyy

In service,

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