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Poster: Henry Best <jstrauss@poboxes.com>

Corun warned:

> Be afraid. Be very afraid. Next he'll be juggling flaming batons while
> dancing on his stilts and playing the Star Spangled Banner on the kazoo.

I could probably manage a set of those cymbals you strap to your knees,
too. But, realistically, what you describe would be difficult unless I
modified the kazoo so I could reliably hold onto it without hands. I
wouldn't want to risk it with a "stock" kazoo. 

So, what I'm looking for is period instruments that don't involve
fingering, things that can be played simply by ear.

Whistles and rattles are good; but you can't play a tune on them.

Jaw harp has been suggested. Thank you, I will investigate that. But a jaw
harp seems so, well, ummm, discreet and quiet. And your hands aren't free
to juggle machetes. And I really like the loud brashness of the kazoo.
It's such a versatile and expressive instrument. 

What about nose flutes? Someone suggested that but I don't know what they
look like or if they require fingering.

And Brigantia said:

>         Yes!! I've wondered for the past 2 years if kazoos were period. My
> warped reasoning is that they're possible since people were probably making
> grass types (where you hold grass between thumbs and blow) since antiquity.

Dear lady, we can't just guess. We have to have some kind of
documentation. Otherwise, we are OOP and agents of Evil instead of Good.

My alignment's Chaotic Good. I can't be permitting any Evil, at least over
the long term on any kind of institutional basis.

> Sign me up for the Kingdom Kazoo Krazies-ok, so I occaionally need a break
> from harp playing

Well, we'll give you a kazoo if you insist; but you really ought to be
doing lead vocals. Who else will be able to cut through the noise?
(Well, _maybe_ Fevronia could.) 

Giovan said:
> Robyyan built himself a hurdy-gurdy this summer, from a kit in about 6
> hours.  It takes no breath control, no silly lip contortions, doesn't
> strain your wrists, and doesn't give you any callouses.  (i.e. it lacks
> the ennobling featues of most other insruments).
> He's given up taking sheet music to demos;  he just pulls out a stool
> and sits there with his cranky little box, making music fit to accompany
> bagpipes.

Yeah, Robyyan was quick to tell me of his spectacular new toy. I would
love to hear it I am both curious and hopeful about them. But I bet it
isn't as easy to use as you make it sound.  Robyyan would make it look
easy. Also, I think it runs about $400. I can get a six pack of kazoos at
the Dollar General, which means I can give them away to friends. It's
clear to me that the value of a kazoo would be greatly enhanced by having
a LOT of people in your band. 

I wonder if the Flemish had kazoos.

       John Strauss             |    Dr. Henry Best, OP       
       Lexington, KY            |    Dragonsmark, Midrealm      
       jstrauss@poboxes.com     |    "Jugate Potentum Gaudii"

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