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ANST - Re: Master William Blackfox - Memorial Service/Donations

Poster: claryce@ix.netcom.com (by way of Burke McCrory <burkemc@ionet.net>)

Greetings from HL Claryce, Kingdom Chronicler of Ansteorra,

The following was posted to the Ansteorran net, and I will comment on this 
posting at the bottom of the forwarded message:

>>> 	An update was promised. Please post to the Rialto, AnsteorraNet,
>>>FurryNet and any other which has an interest. Here it is: The charities
>>>to which donations can be made are as follows:
>>> 	For the SCA/Black Star-make checks out to "SCA Inc., Kingdom of
>>> Ansteorra. In the memo, write "Black Star". Mail checks to:
>> >				Bill and Camille Higdon
>> >				3634 S. 107th E. Ave.
>> >				Tulsa,  OK  74146
>>> These people are Baron and Baroness Northkeep and have pledged to see
>>>that the checks get safely to the Kingdom Exchequer. 
>>Ladies and Gentlemen,
>>The Black Star is NOT a Kingdom Account. And, therefore, should NOT be run
>>through the Kingdom Treasurer's office. The Black Star is a Corporate
>>Your checks should be made payable to: SCA, Inc.--Office of the Black 
>>In the memo if you would like you may put Blackfox Memorial, or some such
>>other denotation.  But, PLEASE, do NOT make checks to Ansteorra.  This 
>>cut down greatly on the paperwork, and will ensure that the funds get to 
>>Black Star much, much sooner.
>>Thank you  very much,

Although Annais is correct that the Black Star will be the final designation 
for all of the donations to the Black Star, it is ***far*** easier for the 
checks to funnel through the Kingdom Treasurer account. (At least easier for 
me---Sorry Donald :) The Kingdom will then write a check to the Black Star 
for the entire amount.  This will not slow down the production of an Arts 
and Sciences issue at all. 

Any checks that have already been sent to my address that are designated for 
the Arts and Sciences issue will be deposited in the bank for the production 
of that issue.

I hope this clears everything up.

In Service to King, Kingdom, and the Dream
HL Claryce Rapheal Orfevre,
Kingdom Chronicler of Ansteorra


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