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Unto the Folks on the Tavern Wall,
For those of you who might have missed the news, the creative force   
behind "Vixen's Keep" and "Warthaven," Master William Blackfox, has died.   
 There are a number of tributes and information kiosks springing up.  As   
a result, I just got this note from a member of Blackfox's home group.   
 She has asked me to pass on a cautionary note.
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In Service,
Ld. Bill
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Subject: ART etc.

Dear Ld. William I hope you didn't try to send me anything with that   
first message.  if you did send some files with the first Email you'd   
better send it again.  The other reason for my writing, I'm trying to get   
the word out.  There has been talk about people scanning whatever   
Blackfox art they can find and posting it on various pages throughout the   
Internet.  This causes us to be concerned about copywright laws and that   
sort of thing.  We realize that people mean well but we are concerned   
that folks will get themselves into possible legal trouble.  I wish it   
were as simple as getting written permission to do these things, but the   
problem is that Master William left no will and therefore has no "clear"   
 heir.  His estate may be tied up in probate for awhile.  The reason I'm   
telling you this is not because I think that YOU personally would do such   
a thing.  It's because I think you might be able to help me get the word   
out that much faster.  I have done one posting on the Rialto already but   
I'm not sure where I should go next.
En Su Servicio,
(In Your Service) Ly. Isabela  del Bosque from the Barony of Northkeep

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