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Re: FW: [EK] Geeks & Nerds

Poster: bearslayer@juno.com (Christopher M Dawson)

On Wed, 24 Sep 1997 13:04:56 -0400 anne carey <afcarey@norfolk.infi.net>
>Christopher M Dawson wrote:
>> Poster: bearslayer@juno.com (Christopher M Dawson)
>> TK +++, SN-, DG (impaired), GB---, MP+++,HD.
>Okay...what are MP and HD?
>Anne Elizabeth
>TK++, SN+++++, DG-, GB++++
That would be your Monty Python Geek factor and your Heraldry Geek


BTW, I got bumped from this list before pennsic, how do you resubscribe?
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