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[Fwd: SCA Virgin (bustin' out all over the place)]


                             In service..... 
                            Wilthain Westbram 

-- BEGIN included message

   Yes, I am an SCA virgin...clandestine, untouched...have never even 
SEEN a peni..er, uh Pennsic, I believe is the correct spelling. <grin>
   Anyway, the reason I'm writing is because I'm having a little bit of 
difficulty delving into the whole SCA arena.  I've surfed a ton of SCA 
oriented web pages, read most of the Rialto, scanned the messages here at 
this humble abode, found a place that if you type in your zip code, it'll 
tell you the closest branch of the SCA to your area.  And that's when the 
trouble started.
   First, there is no local SCA branch within 50 miles of where I live 
(Western, MD).  The closest is about 52 miles away in Martinsburg, WV.  
The other two are about 55-60 miles away, and they are in Johnstown, PA 
and Morgantown, WV.  The closest one in Maryland was 72 miles away, in 
Frederick!  I was not a happy camper.  So I wrote to the AEthelmearc 
Seneschal, because my top three choices are located in this Kingdom, and 
she told me yet some more unfortunate news.  Maryland is not in the 
territory of AEthelmearc.  It's in the territory of Atlantia.  She was as 
nice as could be, but it was not what I wanted to hear!
    Now, my major dilemma is (and I thought all I'd have to worry about 
was finding out what a "snood" was!) deciding whether or not to a)Stay 
within my territory/kingdom and travel 72 freaking miles b)go outside of 
my territory/kingdom and travel 50 miles or c)start a local SCA group on 
my own.  I was wondering (actually, make that begging) if someone could 
give me some advice on what I should do.  Also, how hard is it to start 
up a brand new branch?  I would really appreciate the help!

Thank you,

-- END included message