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Re: [Fwd: SCA Virgin (bustin' out all over the place)]

Poster: PDRUSS@aol.com

In a message dated 97-09-24 19:59:26 EDT, you write:

<<  Now, my major dilemma is (and I thought all I'd have to worry about 
 was finding out what a "snood" was!) deciding whether or not to a)Stay 
 within my territory/kingdom and travel 72 freaking miles b)go outside of 
 my territory/kingdom and travel 50 miles or c)start a local SCA group on 
 my own.  I was wondering (actually, make that begging) if someone could 
 give me some advice on what I should do.  Also, how hard is it to start 
 up a brand new branch?  I would really appreciate the help!
 Thank you,
 periwinkle@miworld.com >>


I know that 50 miles or more seems like a lot to someone not use to traveling
that far, but in my neighborhood that's not that far. My husband travels 60
miles a day one way to  work. 

Many of our "local" events are 3-4 hours away, most are even farther. 

Why don't you go to both groups for a while and find out which one you like
best.  Then become a member of that one.  Or if your really crazy just keep
going to both.
All groups are not alike.

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