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Re: holes in mailbox

Poster: Sallie Montuori <foxdale@wolfstar.com>

> Would someone please be so kind as to re-post the SCA geek codes.
> Apparently my mailbox has a huge hole, many recent postings have been
> dropping into it....strange and a bit scary.
> Thank you for your kindness.
> Sue

All attributions and headers have been snipped, and there are a few
included that never made it to the Merry Rose, but here is as complete
a collection as I have obtained.

   Alys of Foxdale        | Vert, on a fess between three trees
foxdale@wolfstar.com      |     argent, a fox passant gules.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
* * * * * * * * * *   IT'S ONLY A GAME!!!   * * * * * * * * * *

You know, what with all this talk of geeks and nerds, it occurs to me
there might be a need for Scadian extensions to the Geek Code. So, some 
suggestions for the unofficial Version 0.1 of GC/SCAX, the Geek 
Code Scadian Extensions.

Tk: Tolkien
	Tk+++++: You think in Quenya.
	Tk++++: You speak Quenya.
	Tk+++: You've read The Unpublished Grocery Lists of JRR Tolkien, volume
	Tk++: You've read the Silmarillion.
	Tk+: You've read Lord of the Rings.
	Tk: You've read the Hobbit.
	Tk-: You've seen the Hobbit movie and liked it.
	Tk--: You've seen Bakshi's LotR movie and liked it.
	Tk---: A hobbit is a cross between a horse and a rabbit, isn't it?

SN: SCA Name
	SN+++++: Your grandmother calls you by your SCA name.
	SN++++: Your mother calls you by your SCA name.
	SN+++: You've legally changed to your SCA name.
	SN++: Your boss calls you by your SCA name.
	SN+: Your mundane friends call you by your SCA name.
	SN: You have a registered SCA name.
	SN-: You're thinking of registering your SCA name.
	SN--: Why *can't* I be Stormbringer Odinspawn? It's my D&D character!
	SN---: Folks in the SCA call you "Stan".

Dg: Dragon (Your car)
	Dg+++++: You bought a used greyhound bus just so you can get to
	Dg++++: You bought a used minivan for the same reason.
	Dg+++: You *have* to have a hatchback for the armor/camping supplies.
	Dg++: You keep your SCA "stuff" in your car permanently.
	Dg+: You have an "East Kingdom" sticker on your car.
	Dg: You have a "Follow Me to Camelot" sticker on your car.
	Dg-: You drive a family sedan.
	Dg--: You drive a *clean* family sedan.
	Dg---: You drive a two-seater Porsche.
	Dg----: You drive a two-seater Porsche with a ski-rack.
	Dg-----: You drive a leased two-seater Porsche with a ski-rack and a
car phone.

Gb: Garb
	Gb++++++: There is a room in your house called "The *Upstairs* Light
Blue Trim Closet".
	Gb+++++: Your closet is bigger than your living room.
	Gb++++: You own more than one serger.
	Gb+++: You own more than one sewing machine.
	Gb++: You have more garb than mundane clothing.
	Gb+: You have better garb than mundane clothing. 
	Gb: You go to Pennsic for land-grab and only need to do laundry once.
	Gb-: You really need a good cloak.
	Gb--: You really need a good tunic.
	Gb---: I'm a fighter; I don't need that fancy stuff.	

> While the section on Tolkein is well taken, arguably Monty Python &
> The Holy
> Grail is a better SCA Geek test.  (What, you don't have the script
> memorized?)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
MP----         "What does a Canadian snake have to do with King Arthur?"
MP---          Knows that Mounty Python was a '70's comedy thing.
MP--           Knows that Mounty Python made movies
MP-            Knows that Mounty Python made a film about King Arthur 
MP             Has Seen the movie
MP+           Can quote snatches of dialog
MP++         Can quote the French taunting
MP+++       Can quote entire scenes
MP++++     Has the script, can sing all the minstrel songs
MP+++++   Can quote the entire "King Brian the Wild" segment 
                    (in four part harmony with a counter tenor lead!!) 

You can't really be a complete Scadian geek/nerd unless you address crucial
issues such as money:

    FR:  Financial responsibility
        FR+++++:  You live in the bad part of town, you eat cereal for
dinner, your landlord wants to evict you for back rent, but darn, you have
great new garb/armor and that new coffee-table size imported book to
document it.  Life is good!
        FR++++:  The people at the book store provide you with a shopping
cart with your name engraved on it while one of them waits on you
attentively with a complimentary hot chocolate and croissant.  At the
grocery store, you pass up solid cuts of meat in favor of hot dogs because
the prices are so unreasonable.
        FR+++:  You know the collection notices by the color of the
envelopes they're mailed in but they get stacked up in the corner of your
desk while you go to the used book store.  You consider adding 3 more
room-mates to a 2 bedroom house that already has 4 people in it.
        FR++:  The people at the fabric store know you by first name
(Scadian) and just measure out the whole bolt for you automatically.
        FR+:  You pick your career on the basis of being able to take
weekends and August off.  Most of your bills are paid on time.
        FR: You make the minimum payment on the credit card to buy more
fabric/armor for that special event.
        FR-: You have a savings account. 
        FR--:  There's more than $100 in it.
        FR---:  You can actually envision a time in your life where you
won't have to work.

Bards (BD+)

BD+++++   Perform the entire Beowulf saga with footnotes and required reading
BD++++     Own the complete works of Josquin De Prez, signed
BD+++        I can play 2 WHOLE instruments
BD++          Name the song and I know it or I can get it
BD+            The drunken revel is ROCKIN'
BD              The crowd is pleased
BD-              Hey, I can do this music stuff!  
BD--            I wanna be a bard too, canicanicani?
BD---            The word is "wince"
BD----           Look at all the little black dots
BD-----          Ever considered fighting?

OK Buckaroos...

BB----     Thinks it's about a group of Japanese Cowboys
BB---      Thought Peter Weller didn't make any movies before Robocop
BB--       Couldn't understand why all those people were named John
BB-        Thought John Lithgow was a little over the top
BB         Thinks the actor who played Rawhide might have been in another movie
BB+        "So what... Big Deal!" -- cracks you up
BB++       "It's... your hand, Buckaroo" -- Cracks you up
BB+++      Yelled out "RAWHIDE!!" when he saw the Kurgan
BB++++     Can name all the Hong Kong Cavaliers, even the guy in the garage
BB+++++    IS an official Blue Blazer Irregular, and has met the Rug Suckers

> FI++++:when you fight, the enemy needs a Live steel to actually 'kill'
> you
> FI+++:You fight because you want to be a Duke/ Duchess someday
> FI++: YOu fight because you want a "Sir" in front of your name
> FI+: You fight because you are good at it and like the contact
> FI-: You fight because you need a reason to stay out of garb
> FI--: You flinch when you it someone thinking that you might hurt them
> FI---: You think that hitting somebody over the head with a stick will
> get you arrested

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