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All Things Scottish

Poster: dgall007@juno.com (David E. Galloway)

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose!

	As a relatively new member of SCA, I have been spending quite
some time in researching a personna.  After a long time of this, I've
decided to go Scottish mainly because of my ancestry. (and yes, to a MUCH
smaller degree, Braveheart...8-}

	Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a few books that
might have histories of clans, tartans, bagpipe riffs, etc.  Also, if
anyone knows of any catalogs with Scottish items(tartans, pipes, etc.)
I'd like to get a number or address of the catalog...


Baldwin (haven't decided on a clan yet)

MKA: David Galloway

Ratings:  Tk+, SN-, DG-, GB--, FR+(Good for mundane uses too),

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