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Re: All Things Scottish

Poster: "Stephanie M. Thorson" <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>

On Fri, 26 Sep 1997, Baldwin the Clanless wrote:

> 	As a relatively new member of SCA, I have been spending quite
> some time in researching a personna.  After a long time of this, I've
> decided to go Scottish mainly because of my ancestry. (and yes, to a MUCH
> smaller degree, Braveheart...8-}

WAHHHH!  Not that film!  

OK, three words ... NO BLUE PAINT.

Woad as war paint was worn by early Picts (and possibly also early
/Albannach/ and Britons, but AFAIK that's still debatable). By Wallace's
time the Picts were a vanished people and I'm sure a sturdy Lowlander like
Wallace wouldn't have been caught in the stuff.  Likewise I doubt Wallace
would have wanted to be seen in a kilt, although he did have "wild hielan'
men"  fighting with him.

FWIW, Wallace's great victory at Stirling was fought on the bridge, not
out in some field w/o even a streamlet in it.  I've been to Stirling. 
I've seen the bridge (yes, still there).  It's a beautiful bridge.  The
fact that it was a bridge battle is probably why Wallace won.

(BTW, Blind Hary's "The Wallace" was written almost 200 years after
Wallace's death and is mainly anti-English propaganda.  A fun read, but
not to be taken seriously as a discussion of the actual happenings of
Wallace's time). 

> 	Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a few books that
> might have histories of clans, tartans, bagpipe riffs, etc.  Also, if
> anyone knows of any catalogs with Scottish items(tartans, pipes, etc.)
> I'd like to get a number or address of the catalog...

Good books on Highland and clan history are hard to come by.  There are
plenty of generic "Clans and Tartans of Scotland"-type books out there
which would probably do for introductory purposes, but there's an enormous
hole in Scottish historical scholarship in that field.  There's been a
little more useful work done in the last few years; if you can find a
library that subscribes to the _Scottish Historical Review_ and can take a
weekend to wade through some of the back issues, you might be able to pull
out some good information from there.

(Where's Eogan?  He'd know more about where actually to get stuff in the
US.  I'm *not* in the import/export business, sorry)

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