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Poster: mn13189@WCUVAX1.WCU.EDU

This is mainly to David Galloway, but I figured I'd post to the general
list, since it may be of interest to others (ok, ok, I just lost his
personal e-mail address...)
	It turns out that your mundane surname (why are we all concerned
with that, by the way, did you mention something about wanting to base
your persona on that?) does have some clan connection.  There is a family
within clan MacFarlane called Galloway.  But not all Galloway families are
part of a clan.
	I mentioned earlier about Black's _Surnames of Scotland_ and how
great it was for documenting names.  This is what it says about Galloway,
for instance:
	"From the district of the name.  Persons bearing this name are
early found in other parts of Scotland, a family of the name settled in
Dumbartonshire early in the sixteenth century, and others of the name
apppear early on the east coast.  Thoman de Galwethia, earl of Atholl,
made a gift of lands to the Abbey of Neubotle c. 1230, and Michael de
Galwath[ia] was a witness about the same time.  John Galway was master of
a ship belonging to Sir John of Mountgomery in 1405.  Gilbert of Galoway
was 'familiar' of the abbot of Couper, 1475, and Jhone of Galloway, tenant
of part of Kethik, 1495.  Sande Galowey was guilty of 'twllye'
(disturbance) in Lanark, 1488, and Henry Galloway filius quondam William
Galloway of West Weems (or West Mains) is mentioned in 1541.  Pattoun
Gallowey had a track of two acres in Carsegrange, 1550.  John Galloway in
Kilmaronok was sued for contempt and deforcement, 1597, and another
Galloway, also in Kilmaronok, followed the Macfarlanes in their deadly
feud with the Buchanans, 1619.  Caution was found for Robert Galloway in
Tullibodie, 1594, Neill Gallouay in Wodstoune was a retainer of teh earl
of Cassills, 1635, William Galloway, shoemaker, was admitted burgess of
Aberdeen, 1606, and Andro Galloway was burgess of Pittinweme, 1654.
Galloay 1506, Gallway 1497, Gallowaye 1485."

So here you see that the name is indeed a period one, you see how it was
variously spelled, where the people lived, and in certain cases, what the
did for a living (or how they got into trouble!)  


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