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What's wrong with Falcone this time?

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>


Amazing it is to me, that even one would call Pascal's post humor, but
not mine.  It is my perception that it was the other way around, since I
grinned when I wrote it.  BUT, in the interest of humor and fairness,
and all apologies aside, I wrote a poem that gives -us all- a hard time,
but mostly me;)  BTW, offensive words appear in this post.  If you can't
stand to read bastard, bitch, ass, or sphinctre, they or their variables
appear in the following post nine times.  That gives this a rating of
I think.


That Bastard Falcone
I'm that bastard Falcone, an SOB,
And the Principal of the OHC
In the past my posts have caused some to blush
Now when 'er I post to keyboard some rush

"My, My, Falcone, you're once again twitchy.
I'd even say, ill tempered and bitchy."
Or, "Falcone, Falcone, did you even think
B'fore sending your words through ionic brink"

I know how to some my attitude passes
(I named that order of big hairy asses)
No secret to me that my social tincture
Is similiar to that organ's called sphinctre

Oh! tried I to be less egregious
('cept my reply to bastard Darius;)
Oh pray, tell me why none but me did preach
When bastard Pascal called Richard a leech

It now seems to me I must make a choice
When answering someone, ions or voice
Why act o'er courteous? (a waspish lie)
Why act o'er boistrous? (punches will fly)

Why act judicial? (then I am unfair)
Why act complacent? (then I just don't care)
But when I am honest, just like I planned
The person that hears me knows where I stand

"But why should we want to know where you stand?"
Hell, none asked of you the matter at hand
None asked of Pascal and yet still he quipped
And none asked of me, but then -I- was whipped

So you be a you, and I'll be a me
And when I offend you, I'll know you see
That I was just honest, offensive, crass
Then I won't be mad when you call me "Ass"

For long have I strived to just speak my mind
Without concern for the timid kind
I'll know you know what I meant by my tone
A transparent man, That Bastard Falcone


I won a poetry contest o'er weekend
The queen was honored, the rest just sickened
And if you do find of my words your tired
Get used to it 'cawz this bastards' inspired;)
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