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Important stuff for Archers

Poster: Gene Bonar <gbonar@auspex.com>

Howdy Ho,

Normally, I would have responded to the following letter offline, however, since I thought the answer might be of general interest, I decided to post it to the lists.  See below.

> My Lord, i saw your post on the Merry Rose about an archer moving to
> Atlantia.  As i do not live in Asheville, i cannot help you out.  However, i
> am interested in archery, and i would be so greatly appreciative if you
> could send me info on how to subscribe to the SCA archery list.  I didn't
> know one existed.

>  Thank you,
>  Nils Olafsson

Macsen actually makes it very easy to subscribe.  Just connect to the following URL and then select the list you want.


The SCA Target Archery List is probably the best list I've been on.  Not only are there gobs of great information.  The best archers in the SCA are routinely involved in the discussion.  From building a bow, to improving your scores, to the best sources for archery supplies.  This is a cool list.  Very friendly, and beginners are always welcome. There are no dumb questions on this list.

The SCA Missile Combat List is a combat version of the list above. 

If your an archer, you want to subscribe.  They also have a SCA Siege Engine List, cool huh!

Until we meet again, go in peace.

Eogan mac Ailpein           archer and herald
Gene Bonar                       Auspex Systems
919.461.2221 voice  	       TSE, Cary, NC
919.319.9910 fax         gbonar@auspex.com

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