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Rennaissance Fest site availability -question

Poster: "David H Ritterskamp"<dhritter@duke-energy.com>

     Good gentles:

     If you live in Sacred Stone, western Windmaster's Hill, Black Diamond,
     or Nottinghill Coill, you may have some interest in the following.

     It is my understanding that the Rennaissance Festival located near the
     Huntersville/Cornelius area (just north of Charlotte) has said that
     the SCA is welcome to use their site year round when they aren't using
     it (i.e., ten months out of the year) in exchange for maintenance.

     Not knowing exactly what "maintenance" entails, I am willing to assume
     that they mean groundskeeping and upkeep of the structures.  I am also
     assuming that they would provide tools, materials, etc.

     We're talking about a site that is ~200+ acres, that is all of 15
     minutes off I-77 AND I-85; this place is practically begging to be
     used for a war.  Possibly other stuff as well.

     For those of you who haven't been, the site isn't all that bad; it has
     (of course) a tournament area, with grandstands & etc., stables, and
     plenty of developed stuff, with more on the way.

     My question is this:  is there enough interest in the surrounding area
     to put together enough people who are willing to commit one weekend a
     month, or every two months (I'm not really sure what the timetable
     would be; it's possible that there's just too much to be done) to do
     the work involved that would allow the SCA to use this site?

     I'm not sure what the numbers would end up being, but rather than say
     "no way" right off the bat, I thought I'd toss it out for general


     Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
     Clan O'Shannon

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