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Re: Rennaissance Fest site availability -question

Poster: Linda Huegel <eris@email.unc.edu>

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, David H Ritterskamp wrote:

>      We're talking about a site that is ~200+ acres, that is all of 15
>      minutes off I-77 AND I-85; this place is practically begging to be
>      used for a war.  Possibly other stuff as well.

been there a couple times, and had thought every time i went, that the
site NEEDED to be used for an SCA event.. there are permanent booths for
merchanting, porta-potties are in a space behind screens, water fountains
are EASY access all over the place.. and from the recent thread in the
Rialto, the place is astoundingly handicapped-accessible..

i would suggest, tho, that it only be used in the spring/summer/fall
time.. there's no great hall, nor is there a large kitchen (that i saw) 
so it would have to be an informal feast at best. 

>      My question is this:  is there enough interest in the surrounding area
>      to put together enough people who are willing to commit one weekend a
>      month, or every two months (I'm not really sure what the timetable
>      would be; it's possible that there's just too much to be done) to do
>      the work involved that would allow the SCA to use this site?

well, I'm in Kapellenberg, and i would be willing to drive down for a
weekend spruce-up of that site, if we could use it for the occasional


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