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Windmasters' Songbook Update

Poster: TheUrsula@aol.com


What follows is a list of all of the titles I've collected of songs and poems
by and about Windmasters and Windmasters' Hill.  I'd like to put in some
stories and reminiscences, too.  And some Windmasters artwork would be nice
to fill it out.  I plan on publishing the results as a book, with the
proceeds to go to whatever the Barony deems needful.

What I need is the title, the words or the art, the author's name, the date
of the work, permission from the author to print it in the songbook and any
background details such as the events leading up to the creation of the work
- or however much of the above that you can provide - even just a title or a
recommended author would be  helpful.  

If you know of any titles that should be here but aren't, please let me know.
 If you know any of the authors of the songs for which I am missing the words
or permission to publish, please have them contact me.  I've left a message
on Rhiannon's answering machine and hope to hear from her soon.)


Anton and Luned, The Ballad of

Baron Buns   (missing 2 lines)

Blood Song of Atlantia   (need permission from Rhiannon) 

Bloody Song, The     (missing 2 verses - still wondering if and where to

Bob, The Ballad of

Boff the Bonny Princess   (need words and permission from Cuan)

Boy Toy   (need words & permission from Marie)

Death of a Mercenary (need words and permission from Valdemar)

Deck the Halls With Lots of Warriors

Duke Michael of Bedford and the Flaming Dragon (I need to learn more about
the origins of the Grenadan Foreign Legion)

Elvegast    (need permission from Rhiannon)

Fair Lady Atlantia

Fight in the War   (need the words from Niall)

Forgolís Lament  (to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman" - need author, words,
and                                  permission)

Friendly Pirate Song, The 

Gideonís Isle    (need words and permission from Robin & Ragnar)

Gilís Tavern   (need words and permission from Angus of Hindscroft)

Gunther the Saxon    (need permission from Rhiannon)

Home on the Hill 

Itsy Bitsy Valdemar    (need words from Forgol)

Lodge, The    (need permission from Bryce)

Lord Forgolís Lament  (to the tune of "Syr James the Rose")  

Madocís Lament     (need words, authorís name & permission)


On the Toad Again   (need words permission from Rhiannon)

O Valdemar   (need words, authorís name & permission)

SCAdian Zone, The    (need permission from Rhiannon)

Sestina (almost) for The Barons & Baronesses of Windmasters Hill, A

Song for the Windmasters, A 

Stealing of the Kilt      (need words, authorís name & permission)

Stealing of the Sheep, The    (need permission from Rhiannon)

Suddenly Anton    (need permission from Bridget & Rat)

These Buns for Hire    (need words and permission from Rhiannon)

Trystanís Privateers

Valdemarís Song


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