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Re: Rennaissance Fest site availability -question

Poster: Debbie Halstead <djh3a@onyx.pvcc.cc.va.us>

As to the question of who owns what at the renn. faires--
I know that at Virginia Renn. Faire, the system is something
of a hybrid.  Many of the merchants do in fact own their
shops.  I _think_ that some own tent space, with the understanding
that within a certain length of time (about 3 years?), they will
build permanent structures.

However, it is also possible to rent space.  You can either
rent just a space, and supply your own tent, or for more
$$$$$, they will rent you both space and tent.

Finally, some of the larger spaces are jointly controlled.
For example, Rapunzel's Tower, as I recall, has a shop in
the bottom owned by one person, while someone else
rents or owns part of the second floor for storage.  The 
faire owns the rest (the top part), which is used for shows.

I imagine that a similar set-up is in place in Maryland, with 
some renting and/or leasing, and others owning.

               John B.
"Some drink from the Fount of Knowledge..  Others
only gargle."  --anon.  

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