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Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>


The fighting part of the war was real special(special=bloody) for all
the heavies involved, but the archers won the day for us.  Since they
won't toot their horn, I will.

During the entire day, I saw probably five arrows that left the bow
without hitting their mark and a good portion of those arrows were fired
over my shoulder.  The battle quickly morphed into a fight with
different characteristics.  Because our archers kicked all that butt, we
found ourselves as heavies killing the shieldmen so the archers could
take out the spears.  We didn't just fight with the archers, we depended
upon them.  They did their job magnificently.  Our unit tactics and our
martial relationship with the archers took another step in the
evolvement of the most effective army in the knowne world. 

Great honor is due Zita, of Elvegast, Flaming Bolt, and WHBAC.  The Tu
Chux asked for an archer and when learning that they had a choice, they
quickly pointed out Zita.  She, with her King's permission, went and
fought valiantly for them.

The East still had fun losing, though, and Atlantia did not win every
battle and we still had fun.  But, another fifty people from the East,
or a group of archers as good as ours, and the battles could have gone
very differently.  We have to be out in force next year, and I hope the
battles are a little closer to cement the East's participation.  I love
Pennsic, but this war is more fun packed into one day than Pennsic can
pack into two or maybe three.

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