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Feast of St. Dismus

Poster: <wmorris@spider.csd.sc.edu>

    Greetings all, I am the Autocrat for the Feast of St. Dismas coming
up on November 14-16 down near Columbia, SC.   I hope many of  you will
attend this fine event and below is the Event Flyer if you haven't seen
it already in the Acorn.  One of the activities at this event will be an
no documentation required A&S competition making a cross-stitched
Scissor Keep for Her Majesty's award token Pile-O-Stuff.  If you are
interested in making any for the event please email me a request and I
will send you a PCStitch created copy of the pattern including a viewer.

Till then I remain:

Lord Janos of Cyddlain Downs

                         The Feast of St. Dismas
                             November  14-16

Come join the Canton of Cyddlain Downs as they host the last
(relatively?) warm event of the fall season!  The Feast of St. Dismas is
fast approaching, and there must be gold to pay the chef, so strap on
your armor (ignoring the bite of chilled metal) and come steal it!
There will be enough fighting for the most gung-ho of  fighters.
If you're of a less martial frame of mind, or if its just too blessed
cold, the friendly, hospitable, and penurious (that's poor) natives of
Cyddlain Downs would gladly feed you and your crew for a pittance! (See
below for exact amount of pittance.)
For heavies, there will be the traditional Gold Hunt-and-Slay, but can
you hold the gold?  (perhaps with a few new ideas thrown in to guarantee
the poor Marshal in Charge, Sir Alfred of Cres, a few more gray hairs=85)
Rapier fighters will warm the cooling Fall air with their-dare we say
it?-rapier wits, as well as the rapiers themselves=85(That=92s too many
rapiers for comfort!)
Lady Rachel Wallace of Clan O=92Shannon (who got politely suckered into
this by the Autocrat), will be acting as host for the canton=92s two A&S
competitions.    The first competition will be a no documentation
required cross-stitch competition to benefit Her Atlantian Majesty's
award token Pile-o-Stuff, in order that she may recognize the fine
artisans of the kingdom.  Make as many as possible, but submit only one
for judging.  [Pattern will be available at various events leading up to
Dismas]  The second competition will be General Open.
This will be a below-the-salt event so the feast will be hearty but
fairly simple, prepared by Her Excellency, Baroness Gwynwilf of the
Canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone. This is a Dry Site.
Fees?  Would we charge our friends?  Well, yes, remember, we're
penurious.  So we have to charge, but you're all such good bargainers,
we'll give you our bottom line:
Day-trip, off-board:  $5.  Day-trip on-board:  $10.  On-site,
off-board:  $8.  On-site, on-board:  $13 (mucho Cabins or camping space
available=97both tent stands and flat space but get those reservations in
early)!   Under 18 is half price and 5 or younger are guests of the
Reservations should be mailed to the Autocrat: Janos of Cyddlain Downs
(Greg Prevost) 106 Rollingwood Dr., Lexington, SC 29072.  Make checks
payable to Canton of Cyddlain Downs/SCA Inc.  No phone reservations
please, but if you have a question feel free to reach me at (803)
356-9519, email gregp@ix.netcom.com
OK, we've sold you and you're madly in love with the concept of showing
up=97and it's only about 8 miles off I-20!  Even better. The site (which,
not coincidentally, is the same exact site as for To The Point) is Camp
Congaree in Lexington, SC.  The site opens at 5pm Friday and closed 12
noon Sunday.

>From I-20:  Take Exit #55.  Turn EAST on Hwy. 6.  After 7.2 miles (we
counted foot by foot!) Hwy. 6 will merge into Hwy. 302.  Continue on
this merged road for ~1 mile until you see the Camp Congaree sign on the
right. (BEWARE - it sneaks up on you) *Turn right onto Crystal Springs
Drive.  Follow that for ~1.8 miles and look on your right for Noah Lucas
Road (DIRT-lousy handling).  Turn on Noah Lucas and follow it for ~.6
miles.  Camp entrance (Double fenced gate) will be on your right.
BEWARE!  Noah Lucas Road is a "circle", that is, it meets back up with
Crystal Springs Drive, so if you get back to Crystal Springs, you've
gone too far.

>From I-26: Take #113 -- Turn toward the Airport onto Highway 302.
Follow 302 for 10.2 miles to Camp Congaree Sigh on right.  Continue at *
Parking lot is on the right as you enter, but feel free to follow the
road around to the main hall (largest building you can see-can=92t miss
it) where the penurious, friendly, hospitable Troll will separate you
from your hard-earned dollars as painlessly as possible.

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