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[Fwd: Medieval News of the Day - Oct 19]

Poster: Brian Matthews <wilthain@handy-man.com>

pyotr filipivich wrote:

>  Good morning!  It's 10:19am on Sunday  October 19, 1997.
>  This is the 292nd day of the year, there are 73 days left.
>  Happy Birthday to...
>     In 1562 George Abbot, Archbishop of Canterbury
>     In 1605 Dr. (Sir) Thomas Brown
>  On this day...
>     Armilustrium in ancient Rome, purification of arms
>     In 0439 Vandals take Carthage, Africa
>     In 0615 Election of Deusdedit as Pope
>     In 0946 Death of St. John of Rila
>     In 1092 Walcher of Malvern observes a lunar eclipse
>     In 1216 Death of John I, "Lackland," King of England
>     In 1216 William Marshal made Regent of England
>     In 1314 Frederick III chosen King of Germany
>     In 1342 Edward III, King of England, lands at Brest
>     In 1415 The army of Henry V, King of England, crosses the Somme
>             at Voyennes and at Bethencourt
>     In 1448 2ND KOSSOVO (Hungarians defeated by Ottomans)
>     In 1453 Fall of Bordeaux: End of the Hundred Years' War
>     In 1466 2nd Peace of Thorn (Torun)
>     In 1466 Teutonic Knights recognize Polish sovereignty, cede Pomerania
>     In 1469 Marriage of Isabella of Castile with Ferdinand of Aragon
>     In 1540 MOBILE (Alabama, USA) (Spaniards under De Soto
>             defeat Choctaw Indians)
>     In 1552 Siege of Metz begun by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
>     In 1562 Death of St. Peter of Alcantara
>     In 1630 First general court held at Boston, Mass.
> --
> pyotr filipivich, sometimes owl, Nikolai Petrovich in the SCA.
> "Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes."
> (If you can read this, you're overeducated.)

"We are born naked,wet,and hungry...then things get worse" Anon.
                             In service.....
                            Wilthain Westbram

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