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Kingdom Acceptances and Returns for October

Poster: Beverly Robinson-Curry <corvus2@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

At his October meeting, the Golden Dolphin Herald forwarded the following
items to Laurel for consideration:

Adriana Broussard - new device
Purpure estencely Or, a bend sinister between a cross moline disjointed and
a sun in its splendor argent.

Aed Faidh - new device
Sable, on a bend sinister argent between two flames Or three eyes fesswise azure

Bright Hills, Barony of - new badge for Award of the Silberberg
(Fieldless) On a mountain of three peaks, couped sable, two mailed fists
combattant argent.

Caitilin inghean Moire - new name
submitted as Caitilin Mor
Mor is found in Woulfe on p. 213 as a feminine given name.  This is the
genetive given there.

Caterina da Salerno - new name and device
Per pale argent and sable, three lozenges conjoined in pale azure between
two lions combattant counterchanged.

Emelyn Pacok - device change
Purpure, a peacock pavanated to base argent

Eoghan Og Mac Labhrainn - new name and device
Checky Or and vert, two lions combattant, tails nowed, in base a mouse
couchant, an orle of roundels argent.

Gregory Blount - new name

Gwyneth MacDonagh - new name and device
Per chevron Or and purpure, two roses purpure barbed and seeded vert and an
increscent Or

Hans Van Hoorn - new name

Lorenzo il Confuso - new device
Per bend sinister argent and azure, a drawn bow and arrow between three
mullets counterchanged.

Ragnarr Svartahamar - new name and device
Per pale gules and sable, on a bezant a hammer sable

Riocard O' Donnghaile - new name and device
Per fess azure and argent a tyger rampant counterchanged

Robert Runewald - new name and device
Per pale azure and Or, semy of arrows inverted, a crab, on a bordure six
mullets three and three counterchanged.

Roswitha of Suanesfeld - new name and device
Argent, a swan rousant sable, a bordure dovetailed sable mullety argent.

Sine ni Dheaghaidh - badge resubmission
(Fieldless) A honeybee bendwise Or
The previous submission was palewise and was returned for conflict 5/97.
The rotation clears the conflict.

Thorbjorn Kristiansson - new name

Victoria of Alfriston - new device
Ermine, three peacock feathers bendwise sinister proper, a bordure purpure.

Wolfgang Schwarzwald - new device
Argent, three trees blasted, on a chief sable a wolf passant argent.


The following items were returned for further work:

(submitter unknown) - new household name and badge
House Fearghaill
Gyronny gules and sable, a fret argent between four crosses flory Or.
This is being returned for two reasons.  First, there was no SCA name on the
forms.  Without an SCA name, nothing can be registered.  Second, the badge
is also being returned for using a low-contrast field.  Gyronny fields must
have good contrast between the parts; gules and sable do not.

Hans Van Hoorn - new device
Per fess gules and azure, a fess Or between a baker's paddle and a ship's
wheel argent.
I am returning this for a redraw.  The baker's paddle (peel?) is very
difficult to identify.  The handle should be much more slender and the
paddle head should be either more circular or with a squared off end.  I
would also move the fess down a bit, although it's current placement is not
cause for return.

Jade Wolfe - new name
Jade is only documented as a byname in both Reaney and Wilson, 3ed, p. 251,
dated to 1258 and in Bahlow.  Wolfe is attested as a byname in Reaney and
Wilson, 3ed.  It is also documented as a given name in Searle (Anglo-Saxon
context), spelled Wulf, as well as in GeirrBassi (Old Norse context).  Wolf
Jade would probably be documentable as a German name, but a masculine name.
As the submitter is female, this may or may not matter to her.  It would not
matter either way to the heralds.  Since I don't have direction from the
submitter, I am returning this for clarification or rework.

Michaela O'Brallaghan - new name and device
Argent, on a pawprint azure a mullet argent, a chief dovetailed sable.
Michaela is a problem.  I can find no evidence that 'Michael' was feminized
by adding an 'a' in period.  I am unable to find this name in a linguistic
context suitable for mixing with a Gaelic byname.  (documentation of
O'Brallaghan snipped)  I am returning this name for further work.  If an
Irish name is desired, a devotional forename meaning 'servant of St.
Michael' could be constructed.  For example, Gillemicheal or Maelmicheal
should be registerable.  These names appear to have been unisex names.  In
this case, the name should be entirely Gaelic or entirely anglicized.

Michaela O'Brallaghan - new badge
(Fieldless) On a pawprint azure a mullet argent
I am returning the badge because, with the return of the name above, there
is no name to submit this under.

Thorbjorn Kristiansson - new device
Lozengy argent and azure, two bears combattant reguardant proper, on a chief
gules three crosses Or.
I am returning the device for clarification.  Bears proper have no clear
tincture.  What color is a bear?  If the submitter desires brown bears, we
can do this, but I need to know this explicitly.


Golden Dolphin Herald pended the following items for the November letter:

Borgar the Bright - new name and device
Gules, on a pale rayonny Or three towers sable
I have no idea where this name came from.  Pend for further research.
No conflicts found on the device.


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