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Re: SCA History - Mirkwoulde

Poster: "R.S. Ranocchia, Jr. <Maelgwn ap Gruffydd>" <maelgwn@ix.netcom.com>

> Um, I'm inclined to agree with Maelgwn(Angbor - snort! <grin>)
> that perhaps that stone is best left unturned.  All of your guesses are
> in part correct,
> catch one of the remaining Myrquies at an event with a couple pints of
> ale and someone will doubtless be willing to recount it.  Needless to
> say, it was a painful process for those of us involved....

snort! <grin> oh fartraveling one? 

> Back to Maelgwn:
> > As to the point that there is no Mirkewoode in
> > Atlantia, I don't think that is quite true. When Lochmere was formed, it
> > was a marriage between Mhyrkewood and Arindale, to the best of my
> > knowlege, both of these groups still exist, in name at least, as Cantons
> > within Lochmere. I am not sure about the last part, but I am sure there
> > are others out there who know.
> Actually, they're not official cantons but when Lochmere formed, we
> retained the 'rights' to the names, so that if we ever *did* form
> cantons, we could use them.  We likewise transferred the heraldry so
> that the badges of Arindale and Myrhekewould are the badges of the
> Baronial orders in Lochmere.

Thanks Keilyn, I knew I was close, and I also figured you would know for

> And it was a *near* thing - Lochmere *almost* retained the name
> Myderkeweould but a last ditch effort by parties who will remain
> nameless left us 'crabby' and with the name Wet-wet.  (Lochmere -- Lake
> swamp actually, but who is counting?)
> > Maelgwn ap Gruffydd
> > An old Mhyquewoodian
> > (Ain't many of us left)
> Certainly not around and active at least.  <grin>
> K

We could have a reunion, should I book a nice closet at a cheap hotel,
it would most likely be big enough. <lol>

Angbor Dwarfson (to be exact)
sometimes known as Maelgwn ap Gruffydd
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