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RE: SCA History

Poster: Dick Eney <dickeney@access.digex.net>

On Wed, 22 Oct 1997, Gene Bonar wrote:

> Poster: Gene Bonar <gbonar@auspex.com>
> Mirk Wood (or however you want to spell it today) was first and
> Windmasters' Hill was second.  However, MirkWood no longer exist.  When
> Storvik, was formed from the remains of Mirk Wood, that changed their
> place in the precedence to second, making Windmasters' Hill first in
> precedence. As to the next two I not sure.  Rhiannon?? 
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> >         I need some help. What I need to know is the first four or five
> > baronial level groups (read Barony or Province) of each kingdom....
> [snip]
> > West, Ansteorra, Caid, Calontir, Drachenwald, Atlantia: ????
> For Atlantia...
> Top Three, deliberately placed in no particular order: Caer Mear, Storvik,
> Windmasters Hill.
> I'm not sure about the next two, but they are from this list: Sacred
> Stone, Tir-Y-Don, Hidden Mountain, Nottinghill Coill, Black Diamond.
> I've left Myrkewoulde off this list because we currently don't have a
> group by that name, though I think it was the first barony in the
> geographic area now known as Atlantia.
Since I was present at the foundation...

Myrcwuud was the first Barony in what is now Atlantia; Sita of Oudh was
the Seneschal.  The second was Caer Mear -- my first Caer Mear event was
in the reign of Aonghais II.  Tir-y-Don and Windmasters' Hill about tied
-- I think Tir-y-Don was first, but certainly Windmasters' Hill was a
Barony by the time Atenveldt tried to claim South Carolina because Caprus
of Theleme had abducted an Atenveldt lady...uh, well, that's beside the
point.  I believe Isenfir was next though it may have been only a Shire at
first.  (That's where Norbjorn of Arnefeld put several of us in his
recreation room to crash, forgetting how cold it was with French windows
on a freezing night.  Fortunately it was possible for some of the
friendlier people to cuddle up and take advantage of their body warmth,
and for a few of us...sorry, we're getting off the track again.)  The area
now known as Storvik was not organized, or rather, was organized by two
conflicting claimants, Aonghais dubh MacTairb and a friend of Countess
Alyson of Islay whose name, infuriatingly, escapes me.  The Board refused
to recognize either Tir Aosda or Terra Nova and bade the inhabitants get
their act together, so we formed a Barony which we tentatively called
Seagate and tried to incorporate the local Marklanders, too.  This crashed
when the SCA-Markland conflict was fanned up by people I won't name, and
only a year or two later, long after other Baronies had been formed, did
we organize the Barony of Storvik.  (And we couldn't agree on the name at
first, so we used the working name of "Barony of *******".  Good thing all
of us were young and clean-minded.  Well, Ysabeau was clean minded and the
rest of us were ashamed to embarass her.)

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